A Deaf person is someone who uses Auslan to communicate and identifies as a member of the signing Deaf Community*

We strive to understand the communication barriers people face in everyday life. For people who are Deaf, challenges can include:

  • Difficulty communicating with colleagues or clients and customers, either one on one or in meetings
  • A restricted cultural experience at institutions offering multimedia tours, such as at museums, art galleries, theatres and sporting events
  • Lack of access to loud speaker and public announcements at major events, or on public transport
  • A lack of education materials provided in accessible forms, that don't 'dumb down' the curriculum

Deaf communication preferences:

Deaf Australians typically use Auslan (Australian Sign Language) or a combination of Auslan and lip reading, to communicate - particularly where Auslan is the first or 'native' language.

Approach to technology:

Visual technology, such as video formats, that provide information and communication in Auslan.


*More information on accepted terminology in Australia can be found on the Deaf Australia website.

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