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What happens when you get to a museum and you can't hear the audio tour? For Australians who are hard of hearing or Deaf, access to the audio tour and rich information is often not accessible. In fact, many people may be so used to being without the audio tour that the arts has never been an interest.

New technology opens up opportunities for change. By providing options on devices people use everyday such as iPhones and tablets, all people can participate and enjoy a cultural experience. 

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OpenAccess Tours allows cultural venues to be accessible, so that the artistic, historical and cultural experiences are shared by all.

At participating venues, visitors can bring the Tours app on their own phone or tablet to experience tours in the preferred language or content options. Choices range from captions, Auslan, audio description and multiple languages. Simply download the OpenAccess Tours app, then download the venue's content stream to be part of the experience with family and friends. 

There are now more than 60 exciting exhibitions which are currently or have been accessible around Australia and New Zealand. Conexu continues to work with others to open the doors to many more! Contact us for more information, or to recommend a venue near you.

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Winner of 2014 ACCAN Apps for All Challenge & Winner of 2011 Deafness Forum of Australia's New Captioning Initiative Award

Find an accessible tour

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  • Albury Library Museum (NSW) 
  • Old Dubbo Gaol (regional NSW)
  • National Gallery of Australia – Love & Desire: Pre-Raphaelite Masterpieces from the Tate (ACT)
  • National Museum of Australia - Rome: City and Empire (ACT)
  • Art Gallery of NSW - 2018 Archibald Prize Finalists (NSW)





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