Welcome to our latest Conexu app - OpenAccess Smart Auslan

Strong public demand has encouraged Conexu Foundation to create a mobile phone version of the popular OpenAccess Face to Face app.

 And here it is: OpenAccess Smart Auslan

Learn the sign language of the Australian Deaf community. A simple way of learning Auslan and finding easy options to converse between Auslan and English has never been easier.


Instant access to Auslan signs in your pocket! Download it to your iPhone now.

 Many themes and categories to choose from. You can choose to download all content or select themes that interest you.

Smart Auslan has many features:

- A comprehensive vocabulary list of over 2000 words and still growing;

- Several themes including ‘Everyday words’, ‘Food’, ‘Sport’, ‘family’, ‘Education’, ’Workplace’ and more;

- Ability to slowdown video playback to help practice your Auslan signing;

- Create sentences;

- Word search and more.


Only available on Apple iPhones and iPads at this time. Only costs $4.49

The app complements and supports Auslan learning classes enabling you to practice at home, work or anywhere.

 “I can now learn Auslan from this app at any time to help me communicate better with my deaf friends”.


For more information, go to www.openaccesssmartauslan.com.au

Available on iPhone’s and iPad’s only

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